"Enzo has been doing the work with me on an ad hoc basis, whenever I needed the work. He is always available and I get a deep meaningful benefit out of every session that we shared. He is extremely present, empathetic, warm and accepting, making it easy for me to be real and open about the issue at hand without any fear of rejection. He is one of the best facilitators I know and I always prefer working with him whenever there is an important issue on my mind. I recommend him without any reservation."

  • Retha Els
  • Master NLP Practitioner and Coach
  • Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
  • South Africa
  • www.denovaconsulting.com

"I love Enzo’s joyous presence as he facilitates me in The Work…he holds the cellar door open so I’m not afraid to go down in the dark. I feel like I can take any concept to The Work with him and he will hold the space for me to discover my own freedom."

  • Sue Hartman
  • Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
  • United States
  • www.suehartman.net

"Ho 74 anni e seguendo una costante spinta interiore, da circa due utilizzo il Lavoro. In gruppo, da sola e individualmente con Enzo. A lui, che sento molto percettivo e di profonda empatia,  mi rivolgo nei momenti di confusione emotiva perchè mi aiuti ad individuare e ad indagare i pensieri che mi limitano in consapevolezza e benessere. Posso osservare e constatare che tutto questo facilita e rende sempre più libero il mio percorso di vita."

  • Caterina Tauraletti
  • Svizzera

"I want to thank you for our Work sessions in the past weeks. They have been very precious for me and have allowed me to find a lot of clarity and peace with some pretty deep topics in my life. I have truly enjoyed the pace which you allowed me to go. This sense of slowing down to welcome whatever comes without pre-conceived idea or project for me led me to adopt the same posture of just welcoming whatever comes. It allowed me to surprise me with truth instead of serve me the answers I thought were going to be most "logical"... It was quite precious to feel that you did not seem to judge or evaluate what I was sharing, just listened deeply. There is something incredibly rare in being listened to deeply and purely and it is an incredible gift."

"It's always a delight working with Enzo, he creates a gentle and loving space which enables me to go deep into enquiry. When needed he encourages me to look deeper which makes our sessions much more rewarding and joyful."

  • Mary Louise Morris
  • Project Director for the Creative Relaxation
  • United Kingdom
  • www.girasol.org.uk

"Ich fühle mich von Enzo sehr unterstützt, angenommen, geliebt und von seiner Freude angesteckt und motiviert mit The Work weiterzumachen. Er ist sehr einfühlsam und lässt Raum zum einfühlen. Seine Stimme lässt mich geborgen fühlen und Vertrauen in ihn und seine Arbeit haben."

  • Roswitha Keller
  • Germany

"Nelle prime sedute il beneficio maggiore è stato quello di essere riuscito a contattare e riconoscere le emozioni che ho sempre rifiutato e che inevitabilmente si sono trasformate in ansia, ossessioni e quant'altro. Parallelamente è cresciuta dentro di me una forza che mi spinge a poter abbracciare una nuova condizione. Grazie."

  • Giovanni Aloe
  • Psicologo
  • Italy